Phases des Camélias W-PDC-IIN-LMI

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Phases des Camélias is a lavish celebration of the life-giving force of water. Finely rendered, giant camelias bloom out of the walls, nourished and ornamented by darting raindrops and great splashes of water. The polychromatic colorway imbues the composition with a delicacy and serenity, allowing the vast, architectural scale of the motif to reign in the space. The astonishing width of each panel retains the impact and drama of the design, even in the grandest of spaces.

• This pattern is sold by the roll. Each roll is 3 panels, each panel is 27.5" wide x 130" long
• Repeat: panels line up to create design

Additional Notes
• Printed to order, 4-5 week lead time  
• Fire Rating: EN 13501-01:2007-Bs2, d0
• Coated Non-woven

Color Description
Multi-colored illustration on an ivory background

Additional Info
One of the most important values at Kit Miles is excellence in quality and draughtsmanship in each and every design. The studio’s ability to render detailed and at times, surrealist imagery has enabled miles to form a unique language of design.

Kit Miles believes in the power of good design to redefine life and our environments. From soaring geometrics to botanicals brimming with life, Miles’s collections seek to capture and re-present a world most complex and beautiful and in doing so, provide a site of boundless inspiration, helping people feel more connected to the deeper world around them.

The process of hand drawing enables the studio to render their wildest dreams into reality, exploring ideas that create new possibilities in design whilst producing an exquisitely manufactured end product.

The studio’s aim is to elevate the craft of textile design for the 21st century and in the proses help people design beautiful interiors that lead us into the future.

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From Transylvania to South Africa (and everywhere in-between) we import unique collections such as Mind the Gap, Angela Groundwater, and Kariokas. You can browse our extensive collection online or in our New Orleans studio by appointment.

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