Paisley Paramecium Medium Scale, Haeckel

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Paisley Paramecium is a textile and wallpaper design celebrating the web of micro-organisms that forms the base of the pyramid of all life. The inspiration for this design was a play on the traditional tear-drop shape of the classic paisley motif resembling a unicellular organism called a paramecium.

The species in this design are aquatic, including many free-floating plankton upon whom the health of all marine creatures depends. Phytoplankton are also of serious conservation concern – warming oceans have caused population declines of 40% since 1950. Change is desperately needed in how we perceive our interconnectedness within, and dependence upon, the web of life.

As well as evoking droplets of water as well as using the conventions of the paisley design. It is also reminiscent of stitching and lace, as the fabric of nature is fragile and intricately interwoven and embellished. The colouration is quite free, and can be further expanded upon in the future, as many of these species are really transparent.

• Each roll is 27in x 10.9 yards for the medium or 4ft 7in x 10.9 yards for the large
• Repeat: 18.4 in for the medium or 36.8 in for the large

Additional Notes
• Printed to order, 2-3 week lead time. 
The designs are printed on Uncoated Non-woven 147gsm. This design will also be available on Coated Non-woven 147gsm. The uncoated wallpaper has a matt finish and vibrant but gentle, muted colours. The Coated wallpaper has a slight shine, is more wipeable and has deeper colours.
Fire certified for both Europe and the USA. Classified to BS En 13501-1-1:2002, class B, s1, d0

Color Description
Multi colored illustration on a dark background

Additional Info
Newton Paisley designs tell the stories of endangered and neglected species, whilst rejoicing in their extraordinary diversity and beauty. Their mission is to celebrate nature and inspiring people to create beautiful, biophilic home-habitats. As reported by Pattern Observer, flora and fauna make up fully 70% of the textile design market across fashion and home interiors, yet often these designs are lick-and-stick or lacking context in the natural world. Newton Paisley designs are different – full of geeky specificity, authenticity, narrative, love…. Each design tells stories of neglected and endangered species, and, even better, contributes towards the preservation of critical wild habitat. 

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