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Product Image London Deco, Marsala

London Deco, Marsala

$ 5.00

Echoing an age of unbridled decadence, this elegant Art Deco-inspired collection effortlessly merges the geometric lettering styles of British contemporary artist, Paris, with the innovate digital creations of east London designer Nosca Inc. This 17 Patterns collaboration pays homage to Paris’s infamous letter forms, with Nosca Inc developing repeat pattern ideas and visual concepts to produce new art forms which reach far beyond their original articulation. With its delicate framework structure, echoes of diamonds and architectural symmetry, this bold geometric collection delivers lavish ornamentation into both period and modern interiors.

• Roll Size: 20.5" x 11yds
• Repeat: 26.77", straight

Additional Notes
• Printed to order, 2-4 week lead time. 
• Printed in the UK

Color Description
Neutral illustration on dark red background

Additional Info
Read more about the artist, 17 Patterns, here.



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