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Product Image Dazzle Fabric, JTFBDA01

Dazzle Fabric, JTFBDA01

$ 5.00

Zebras are known for their stripes and in fact, each stripe pattern is unique to each individual. Zebras are very social animals and live in large groups called ‘harems’ which often dazzle the onlooker due to their immense numbers and distinct black and white markings. Dazzle is a very striking design and has both character and elegance. 

• 54" wide x 1 meter long
• Repeat: 2'5" height x 1'5" width, straight match

Additional Notes
• 7-10 business day lead time  
• 100% Linen. Suitable for soft furnishing and light upholstery.
• Manufactured in England. Dry Clean Only.

Color Description
Black and white and green on a pale green background

Additional Info
Read more about the artist, Juliet Travers, here.

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