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Product Image Bebe Palm, Greens

Bebe Palm, Greens

$ 10.00

Elli Popp’s work features a range of neo-romantic designs blended with the balancing use of colour, shape and theme. Influenced by nature, Elli Popp offers a nostalgic relief through elegant yet contemporary motifs within an ever urbanising modern world.

•  Roll size: 52cm width x 10m length (20.5" width x 11 yards length)
•  11.22" repeat, straight match

Additional Notes
• Printed on order 1-3 weeks lead time.
• Material: Non-Woven + Pearl
• Non Woven Paper + pearlescent

Color Description
Multi colored illustration on green background. 

Additional Info
Read more about the artist, Elli Popp, here.






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