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Product Image ASMR, Omega

ASMR, Omega

$ 5.00

Have you heard about ASMR? It stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response and it’s a deeply relaxing and comforting feeling usually triggered by speci c sounds or visuals. You know that tingling sensation inside your brain when someone whispers quietly next to you or touches your hair? That’s ASMR.
Well, those soft, gradient veils of colors, are a lot like that.

They massage your brain with warmth and tickles and will make you a lot happier.

Each roll is available in a pack of 4 strips, each 23.6" x 110.2"
• Repeat: Stand alone mural. This pattern does not connect. Custom sizing also available at hello@thepatterncollective.com

Additional Notes 
• Printed to order, 2-3 week lead time.  
 147g/sq.m. eco-certified inks (Greenguard), A+. flame retardant B-s1-d0. PVC free, FSC certified, VOC free. Special blends of natural materials makes this Wallpaper washable. To care for your wallpaper, we advise to gently wash with mild soap and a clean sponge. 
• Made in France

Color Description
Multi colored illustration on white background

Additional Info
Read more about the artist, Bien Fait, here.

*Sample Disclosure: Due to the large size of Bien Fait's patterns, all of the colors/pattern may not be represented in the sample you receive.



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