Aleteo, Tobacco

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The Aleteo pattern take you on a trip somewhere above the clouds. In between the hills, you can observe cranes and swallows basking on the shore of a lagoon. The delicate watercolor tones give a certain grace and softness to the designs.

• Each roll includes 3 panels, each 19.68" wide x130" long
• Repeat: Vertical 29" / Horizontal 59"

Additional Notes
• Printed to order, 2-3 week lead time. 
High quality, non woven digital printed wallpaper. 
• Fire retardant, EU certified.

Color Description
Multi-colored illustration on a green background

Additional Info
Growing up in France and Switzerland, Pamina Saba del Pozzo
has always been fascinated by South America, the continent of her mother. With family in Brazil, Colombia, Bolivia and Peru, she started travelling around the region from a young age and found that every country she visited had a common enchanting spell.

Pamina was nostalgic for this unique atmosphere every time she returned home so she created Kariokas with the aim of adding a tropical South American touch to interiors through textiles and wallpapers. The images and colors she uses in the collections are reminiscent of the region’s luxuriant landscapes, flora and fauna and irresistible “joie de vivre”.

More particularly, the marvelous city of Rio de Janeiro has always felt like a second home, where she truly belongs despite living more than 5000 miles away. Hence, the name "Kariokas" was chosen in reference to "Cariocas" the inhabitants of Rio. As if we could all become a bit "Cariocas" ourselves when living with my designs.

Kariokas products, while inspired by South America, are manufactured in France, Switzerland and Germany by responsible suppliers using high quality materials and state of the art techniques, allowing Pamina's hand-drawn and hand-painted designs to retain their unique aesthetic when translated into printed products.

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we're committed to good design

The Pattern Collective is a textile studio with a well curated collection of high-end, distinctive wallcoverings and fabrics from around the globe.

From Transylvania to South Africa (and everywhere in-between) we import unique collections such as Mind the Gap, Angela Groundwater, and Kariokas. You can browse our extensive collection online or in our New Orleans studio by appointment.

painterly patterns

bold, eclectic design

Hand painted brush strokes create movement and variation in design

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imaginative interiors

Create an environment that will nurture your childs' creativity and allow the imaginative side of their personality to blossom

Laissez les
bons temps rouler

"Let the good times roll"

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