Nautical Treasures, Sunset WPLN0068

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The Loom collection, born from a shared vision and a deep appreciation for historical fabrics, takes you on a journey through time with captivating designs like "Lovers Bloom," The Loom collection, born from a shared vision and a deep appreciation for historical fabrics, takes you on a journey through time with captivating designs like "Lovers Bloom," "Needle and Thread," and "Floral Treasures". These pieces re-imagine the stories woven into vintage fabrics, bringing them to life as exquisite wallpaper designs. Nicole's meticulous craftsmanship transforms these works into art, with seven distinct designs in various colorways to suit your interior.

• Each roll is 19.6" wide x 11 yards long
• Repeat: 14.7", straight match

Additional Notes
• Printed to order, 3 week lead time
• Non-woven, smooth finish
• Made without textured embossing and an additional protective varnish (heavy metal free) is added for extra washability and scrub resistance.
• Made in the Netherlands

Color Description
Multi-colored illustration on a soft white background 

Additional Info

From Lemon...

"To us, good design is thoughtful design. We live comfortably in the space where beauty and function meet and aim always to create pieces that are both useful and decorative.

We obsess over how our designs are made. It’s crucial for us to always strike a balance between the practical and the aesthetic, form and function, and essential that our pieces feel good to use as well as to look at. We believe that it’s the small design details that make this difference.

We design with longevity in mind. The antithesis of mass production, our pieces represent our belief in conscious consumption, the idea that less is more and that universal beauty has no expiration date.

We work with manufacturers who understand this – and who share the same passion for quality and considered design. To ensure that our quality is never compromised, we seek out specialists in their fields – from artists and metalworkers to upholsterers and carpentry aficionados. Whatever their particular skill, a shared appreciation for quality and skill is essential.

Because craft is a central tenet of Lemon’s identity, much of what we create is done by hand – from prints, to wallpapers and furniture manufacturing. Our business has a huge emphasis on craftsmanship. We are not in this field to produce irresponsibly, but rather to create pieces with care and made mindfully with attention to detail.

To that end we partner with young as well as established South African designers to create collections in line with our design philosophy. South Africa is a rich resource of raw and often untapped talent and our mission is to support and grow the local industry while building our own."

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we're committed to good design

The Pattern Collective is a textile studio with a well curated collection of high-end, distinctive wallcoverings and fabrics from around the globe.

From Transylvania to South Africa (and everywhere in-between) we import unique collections such as Mind the Gap, Angela Groundwater, and Kariokas. You can browse our extensive collection online or in our New Orleans studio by appointment.

painterly patterns

bold, eclectic design

Hand painted brush strokes create movement and variation in design

design for the littles

imaginative interiors

Create an environment that will nurture your childs' creativity and allow the imaginative side of their personality to blossom

Laissez les
bons temps rouler

"Let the good times roll"