Seascape Marble Panel in Light Blue, Turquoise, & Orange

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The MARBLE wallpaper is hand printed by way of the traditional Japanese Art of Suminagashi, meaning ‘floating ink’.

Each piece is unique. There are no pattern repeats - we create individual rolls of 'paintings'. 

The process of Suminagashi involves colors being placed on the water surface, which then begin to expand on the water. They are only encouraged to move by air, nothing else disturbs the surface. The colors move in an organic way - when a dynamic pattern has been shaped, Natascha makes a print by placing and moving the paper on the water.

Each panel is unique and signed by the Artist.

• Each panel is 21.5" wide x 110" long
• Repeat: panels can be hung individually or as a group in any order. There is no pattern repeat and every panel is unique.

SPECIAL NOTE: This is a hand made item. Unlike traditional printing methods such as digital and screen printing, the panels will look different with every batch. Pattern/color placement will differ from what you see on the screen and what you receive if you order a sample, as everything is uniquely made to order

Additional Notes
• 2-4 week lead time. 
• Oil on paper. Designed and made in the UK

Color Description
Turquoise, copper & neon red illustration

Additional Info
NAT MAKS is Natascha Maksimovic. a designer, artist and wallpaper maker based in Margate, Kent. The studio is working in the time-honored art form of ‘Suminagashi’ marbling. creating innovative art pieces by fusing traditional techniques with contemporary and expressive color palettes.

Natascha has previously worked at the top echelons of the movie industry along side Sir Ridley Scott. After moving into her own practice Natascha has maintained her love for imagery, craftsmanship and collaboration. The studio now creates equally epic, cinematic murals for any environment.

Wallpaper making & paper marbling have been listed as an endangered craft by The Heritage Crafts Association. NAT MAKS is constantly striving to innovate and re-imagine these crafts, not only preserving them but making them relevant and accessible for the future.

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