Style: Eclectic Elegance

@linda.fratini , founder of @hvemeover , has transformed her home into a vibrant and welcoming space that exudes both charm and sophistication. Her impeccable use of color and eclectic decor has resulted in a living area that inspires joy and tranquility.

The bold yellow chandelier and powder blue door are a striking contrast against the delicate FLOWER DANCE, AMBER wallpaper. This color combination sets the tone for the rest of the space, where natural wood tones, muted yellows, greens, and blues mingle harmoniously with bold punches of vibrant color.
Her lovely home is a testament to the power of layering color and pattern. Opposite the tiny floral pattern in the hallway, CORNUCOPIA, OCHRE wallpaper, a large-scale design, adorns the walls - bringing the rich golden hue into the dining room.
The bold backdrop acts as the perfect base layer to her eclectic furniture and decor. From colorful artwork to mid-century modern style furniture, each piece has been carefully selected to create a unique and personal space. The result is a home that is both visually stimulating yet calming and relaxing.

The statement making centerpiece on the dining table is a handcrafted wooden container from @hvemeover. Its bold red finish adds a touch of drama to the otherwise serene space.
Fratini's use of color and eclectic decor has transformed her home into a space that reflects her own personality and style. It is a space where she can relax, entertain, and create memories.