Artist Spotlight: Sian Zeng

​Since founding her award-winning wallpaper design studio in 2010, Sian Zeng has become renowned for creating enchanting wall decor, characterized by dream-like illustrations that marry Oriental and Western aesthetics.

Born in China, Sian Zeng spent her formative years in Hungary. Growing up, she was an avid reader of illustrated children’s folktale books and it was during this time that her love of drawing flourished. She went on to study Textile Design at Central Saint Martins where she was encouraged to research and experiment with new materials and techniques. This continues to inform her wallpaper design process, with original hand-painted artwork playing an important role in each collection.

Sian’s first wallpaper client was Hilary Duff who commissioned the Woodlands Khaki Blue wallpaper for her son’s bedroom. Since then, Jon M Chu (Director of Crazy Rich Asians) and Emily Henderson (NY Times best-selling author and TV personality) have used Sian Zeng wallpapers in their homes. Sian Zeng products have won the ‘Grand Prize’ in the Global Etsy Design Awards and the ‘Young Designer of the Year’ award from Elle Decoration Hungary.


Photo: Jo Crawford


Taking inspiration from fairytales and nature, Sian creates designs that allow people integrate art, nature, and imagination into their homes. One of her most enchanting designs to date, the Clematis Wallpaper Mural depicts romantic, hand-painted flowers. A canopy of bold blooms, climbing down your wall like the gateway to your own secret garden - It truly is like a scene right out of Sleeping Beauty. 


Styling: Nicki Bamford-Bowes of @andthentheywentwild

Photographed: @still_loljohnsonphotography


The Mountains collection wallpaper connects Chinese painting and European illustration styles to create a spectacular landscape of misty mountains and time-honored Chinese houses, home to bears looking for their next adventure. Weaving a story through classic and contemporary detailing, this is the tale of a brave young bear helping a semi-star find its missing half. The brave bear must venture through mist-covered mountains, sail across wide oceans and sneak past cascades of watchful birds on the adventure of a lifetime. Will the brave young bear ever find the other half of the star?

Photo: @hannahcrowell


Sian’s idea for the Floral Bath pattern came about during the Covid lockdowns. Home had become her place of work and leisure, whilst also being the only space in which to wind down, relax and switch off at the end of the day. She had the idea to recreate the luxury of a spa in her own bathroom by adding locally picked wild flowers and essential oils to the bath. The flowers floating on the water cast beautiful painterly shadows which were so mesmerizing, she decided to design a wallpaper around this theme.


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