Wallpaper Wednesday: SHIBORI

images via Sparkk

Shibori, the traditional Japanese art of resist dyeing dating back more than a thousand years, is an ancient technique which involves folding, twisting or bunching cloth, then binding it and dyeing it in an indigo bath. The beautifully imperfect and organic nature of the finished product is what makes this technique unique.

Shibori has been in the spotlight for quite while now, and is still a favorite in the design world. With the revival of traditional craftsmanship and techniques the popularity of Shibori has risen worldwide. As we become increasingly aware of how the objects we place into our homes are made, who creates them and where they come from, knowing their history makes them even more meaningful.

images via Sparkk

We are excited to add Sparkk's newest collection by Shibori duo Pepa Martin and Karen Davis. Shibori, named after the dyeing technique, is a boutique textile agency known for pushing the boundaries of this ancient Japanese craft. Through the exploration of old techniques, Shibori provides a fresh take on an old craft. We hope you love the collection as much as we do! 

How would you add Shibori to your space?

*Title image via Temple and WebsterPhotography – Denise Braki. Styling – Jono Fleming.