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Product Image Vista WPLC0210 Vinyl

Vista WPLC0210 Vinyl

$ 320.00

An abstract take on natural scenes and materials, Palette, Lemon's second in house range ventures into more ethereal territory, with looser patterns signaling a progression in our design journey. Mineral textures, sunsets and mountains are pared back into essential forms and colors – with an emphasis on earth tones and moody neutrals.

• Each roll contains 3 panels, each 23.6" x 118" long for a total coverage area of 70.86” wide x 118,11” long. When ordering multiple rolls, you will receive an A roll, B roll, and C roll (see photos for reference)
• For a custom quote, please contact hello@thepatterncollective.com. The Made to Measure option is $55 per square meter in addition to a $60 per wall customization fee.

Additional Notes 
• Printed to order, 3 week lead time. 
• Vinyl type 2 substrate
• Made in Johannesburg, South Africa

Color Description
Varying shades of taupey brown

Additional Info
Read more about the artist, Lemonhere.

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