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Product Image Onyx Skyline, Black & Gold

Onyx Skyline, Black & Gold

$ 10.00

To launch as part of London Design Festival 2015, Onyx Skyline is the new Wallpaper design by Daniel Heath Studio. Building on a wealth of craftsmanship with screen printing, this design has a new luxurious twist soon to be revealed.

The inspiration for this new wallpaper comes from the array of stunning Art Deco architecture that can be found in and around our capital, on our high streets, above shops, hidden in plain sight.

One of the finest examples of Art Deco architecture in London is the Hoover Building in Pervivale alongside Western Avenue. The building was designed by Wallis, Gilbert and Partners, and is inspirational in the creation of this hand-crafted wallpaper.

These geometric, orderly and symmetrical structures are transformed into two and three color silk-screen printed wallpaper.

• Each roll is 20.5" wide x 11 yards long
• 21.6" repeat, third drop repeat

Additional Notes
All screen-printed wallpapers by Daniel Heath are printed using pigment binders that provide a durable finish. However, it is advised that special care is taken during its application. Always employ a professional. It is recommended that wallpaper paste is applied to the wall first, with a small amount applied to the BACK of the paper. Use a CLEAN, DRY cloth to smooth the wallpaper into position. DO NOT wet or dampen the front of the wallpaper when possible.

Color Description 
Black and gold illustration on a white background

Additional Info
Read more about the artist, Daniel Heath, here.

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