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Product Image Eastern Peacock, Chalk Blue & Bronze

Eastern Peacock, Chalk Blue & Bronze

$ 10.00


This new wallpaper design by Daniel Heath Studio is inspired by the beauty and wonder of Eastern Peacocks. Based on a love for the native Indian Peacock, this design narrates the history of these famous birds, strutting around decorative Colonial palaces and gardens by day, and by night taking flight to settle in the trees to roost. The intricate structure of the bird’s feathers create the famous vibrant iridescence, Daniel uses his delicate and refined hand drawing skills to illustrate their natural plumage.

This wallpaper has a coated colour background in stone and is printed with two colour layers.

• Each roll is 20.5" wide x 11 yards long
• 45" repeat, half drop repeat

Additional Notes
All screen-printed wallpapers by Daniel Heath are printed using pigment binders that provide a durable finish. However, it is advised that special care is taken during its application. Always employ a professional. It is recommended that wallpaper paste is applied to the wall first, with a small amount applied to the BACK of the paper. Use a CLEAN, DRY cloth to smooth the wallpaper into position. DO NOT wet or dampen the front of the wallpaper when possible.

Color Description 
Chalk blue & bronze illustration on a stone background

Additional Info
Read more about the artist, Daniel Heath, here.


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