Bohemian Palms, Midnight

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This piece is a true animal menagerie featuring anteaters, sloths, foxes adored with earrings, armadillos, spoonbills, Siamese fighting fish and umbrella wielding slow loris’s. This wild and maximalist pattern livens up any space with its fun and playful carnival of creatures. Join us and explore the forests of the Blue-Snub Nosed Monkey & the bejewelled Vermilingua, let your imagination take a flight with nature's creations.  Bohemian Palms has secret treasures on each animal and even some hidden on top of leaves, the more you look the more treats you find.

Ideal for a feature wall, livening up a small space or even creating beautiful one of a kind furniture. The Bohemian Palms print is hand painted in oils, care and attention has been given to every detail which is then reproduced onto luxury vinyl wallpaper, it's an incredible statement piece designed to brighten up any space and bring joy to those who see it. Available in 3 colors.

• Each roll contains 4 panels, each 27.5" wide x 98.4" high
• Repeat: panels line up to create pattern, this print repeats every 4 panels horizontally. Need a custom size for higher walls? Reach out to us at

Additional Notes
• Printed to order, 2-3 week lead time. 
We use FSC Accredited Sustainable forest paper. This means ‘your wallpaper has come from a forest that is managed to the highest standards to meet the social, economic, ecological, cultural and spiritual needs of present and future generations’
• Made in Norfolk, England

IMPORTANT: Please use the appropriate wallpaper paste that is suitable for vinyl papers, some pastes are chemical heavy & can damage the paper, so please be careful. Damage caused by paste cannot be refunded. 

Color Description
Multicolored illustration

Additional Info
Emily & Sefton are the co-creators who make up Badgers of Bohemia. From their studio by the sea, Emily and Sefton work on their art together, creating wallpaper and murals adorned with wild animals, botanical jungles, and deep azure oceans. Nature is their inspiration and at the heart of their artwork is a message of conservation.

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