Ulricehamns Tapetfabrik is a Swedish wallpaper company with roots from a genuine craft tradition. With us are all fire souls with many years of experience in the craft and the industry. What we all have in common is the love and passion for beautiful designs and the pride of being able to make an impression in Swedish wallpaper history.

Production is done through traditional printing techniques in our own factory in Ulricehamn. With the motto that tradition is as important as innovation, we are a flexible and innovative partner, whose foundation rests on many years of professional pride and solid knowledge.

In our factory, limited editions are produced as well as large series. We manufacture wallpapers for, among others, Långelid / von Brömssen, Svenskt Tenn, Littlephant, Studio Lisa Bengtsson, Gudrun Sjödén, Sandberg Wallpaper and Mimou.

With our team and our partners, we can offer a tailor-made complete solution for you as a company, designer or interior designer. We promise quality and personal service. We also offer services such as warehousing and distribution.

A new wallpaper factory is taking shape

Our story began where another ended. The old wallpaper factory was facing closure and with the risk inherited, our knowledge and our unique production disappeared. Among the firefighters in the wallpaper factory there was an energy, hunger and a desire to preserve tradition and production, which led us to create what is today Ulricehamn's Wallpaper factory.

“Our ambition is to build a future factory where we secure the future of Swedish quality craftsmanship. What we do today is important tomorrow.

We are passionate about craftsmanship and cherish the genuine, small-scale and unique. The way we create is through a Swedish craft tradition that leaves imprints outside the country as well. We are firmly in our conviction that traditional small-scale production has an obvious place, that the small player can be found and thrive alongside the large-scale producer.

At Ulricehamns Tapetfabrik, we bring the best of everything we have learned about traditional techniques, while at the same time giving room for new ways of working that can refine the art of craftsmanship. We go our own way and collaborate with other visionaries who appreciate the long-term and value in the quality that characterizes both our products and relationships. Together, we help to secure the future of Swedish quality craftsmanship and create a long-term sustainable future.

Do you have wallpaper dreams? Welcome to realize them in our wallpaper factory!


Thomas & Anna



Littlephant is a Swedish brand that designs and produces smart products for you, your home and your children. Creativity is always the focus and behind the brand is Camilla Lundsten - a fantastic designer and entrepreneur whose products speak directly to the heart. Her designs feel as imaginative as obvious and it is impossible not to like them. The colors, the patterns, the stories are really form and function in perfect harmony.


Two of Sweden's most reputable pattern designers meet and create wallpapers under a common brand. In Vol1, ten different designs are combined in two widely different design expressions. With its masterful color scheme, the collection unites in a cocky timelessness.