Smink Things

Smink Things is the studio of designer Marianne Smink, based, in East of London. It is here she creates the designs featured in her collections of ceramic tiles and printed wallpapers.

As a former fashion designer, Marianne has a long history with print and design. Her eyes are drawn to subtle imperfections and tiny upsets in a pattern’s balance. These often arise from the hand-crafted techniques she uses or the surprising interplay of screen-printing onto ceramic tiles. Inspiration comes instinctively to Marianne. Every first idea is intuitively developed in print then transferred to tile with each new iteration often a refinement of the last.

Born and raised in the Netherlands, it’s been 12 years since Marianne made London her home. Still, there is something unmistakably Dutch in her collections. The traditional processes and finishes that she has mastered deconstruct the bold and simple shapes of her signature designs.

It’s fair to say that Marianne wouldn’t be where she is now without the invaluable support of Fiona, who brings in her endless knowledge and experience to make sure Smink Things  finds it’s way to a wide range of restaurants, hotels and private houses globally where people can appreciate the subtle beauty of her slightly imperfect creations.