Piet Boon for NLXL

Piet Boon is world famous for the incredible sophistication in his designs. The robust yet elegant classic Piet Boon style combines natural materials with subdued colour palettes for an unrivaled look that is authentic in every way. His attention to detail and esthetics can be found in private homes, beach houses, retail stores, resorts, hotels, public spaces, the furniture label and numerous product designs all over the world. 

Piet Boon: “We were absolutely stunned when we first visited NLXL. The production methods, level of quality and the company’s unique expertise and passion were a real eye opener. We are very proud of our Concrete Wallpaper. The result is amazing in every aspect. One really has to touch it to feel the difference with the real thing.

Concrete with its sober, subdued character is one of my favorite materials. And now there is this fabulous wallpaper which lets one transform a space, be it a wall or ceilings easily and in a very affordable way. We also plan to use it for wainscoting panels and ceilings. Another huge advantage is that minor damages don’t show – they simply disappear naturally in the ‘structure’.” 

Rick Vintage: “Piet Boon is one of our idols. We are absolutely thrilled to create a backdrop for his contemporary designs. The rough edge of concrete has always been present at his interiors, so our teams got together to create Concrete Wallpaper. You won’t believe your eyes, it is better than the real thing! It has been a wonderful experience to work with Piet and Karin Boon and their team.”