Pattern People

Founded in 2007 by designers Claudia Brown and Jessie Whipple Vickery, Pattern People is a Portland-based, industry leading print studio known for producing innovative and forward-driven patterns. Merging their backgrounds in fashion, art, and graphic design, the duo brings a unique and multi-faceted perspective on print and pattern design.

Jessie and Claudia work hard to create beautiful, unique patterns, but still embrace the hygge in their busy lives. When she's not creating patterns, Claudia enjoys creating her own artwork and jewelry, camping, and traveling. Jessie appreciates all the little things in her life - from the giggles of her baby, a hot cup of coffee, vintage patterned textile discoveries at estate sales, and weekend radio programs. They both find joy in, and are profoundly inspired by, the nature of the Pacific Northwest as is reflected in their collection for Hygge & West.