Mitas & Co

London-based Mitas & Co. is an independently owned and operated company which showcases the talent of emerging artists, designers and illustrators through our range of designer wallpaper and designer textiles. We also source our printing in the UK, using water-based inks. We have sought to create a platform worthy of the talent of our growing confederacy of brilliant young designers.

From the bedroom to the bathroom, we have an extensive collection of designer wallpaper and designer textiles to suit your needs. All of our products are conveniently organised into categories by designer, room and even colour palette, so that you can easily find the perfect style for your project. 

Our impressive collection of artists and illustrators provide access to the most on trend wallpaper, which come in a vast range of patterns from designers such as Alice Thompson, Amelia Eady, Lisa Slinn and Rosa Brown.

Mitas & Co’s designer wallpaper and textiles are epitomised by their luxury and practicality. Our collections reflect a refined yet spirited sense of glamour, which will inspire you to create your perfect project.