Marge Art

I LOVE BRIGHT COLORS. Bright colors are the source to my happiness, ever since I was young. I was always afraid to use them in the beginning, but now that I am becoming more intertwined on this journey, I am realizing how I can embrace them and that people do love them.

Interior design was what led me to and through my art journey, and now as my business expands rapidly, I am able to correlate that passion that I have into product design for my artwork. I love dressing up a space, and somehow unifying the style in the room to all come together with my wallpaper products.

One of the main purposes behind my work is to create something magnificent, quirky and bright that will provoke happiness from the viewer. I never realized until I started creating art, how happy it made certain people.

I would get messages on Instagram from time to time, with people acknowledging that they saw one of my murals when they were on a walk or something, and how it “made them smile” or how happy it made them. THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY.

Although my original intention when I started creating was because I loved it, hearing people’s feedback only compounds the drive that I have, and the passion behind my work.