Laundry, founded in 2000, has two main designers, Jennifer Stady and Andrea Brandtner. From a renovated warehouse space in Portland, they weave their love of art, fashion and culture into successful, commercial collaborations with companies. Their projects are wide-ranging, including numerous textile designs for apparel companies, large-scale wall illustrations for retail environments and stationery collections.

Jennifer and Andrea both embrace hygge in their homes and work. Jennifer appreciates most her pillows from Guatemala, huge, old school maps, and a piece of the Berlin wall. Andrea's favorite things are her mother’s artwork, a floor loom, a Dutch oven, and a growing collection of antique animals. Lazy Sundays involve coffee, more coffee, bacon, a movie, and another movie for Jennifer. Andrea spends hers weaving and cooking. Inspiration is found in reading a great sentence or a great book, the textures of faded paint and old buildings, bare tree branches against a winter sky, old fabrics, music, photography, craft, the wilderness, integrity and patience.