The Pattern Collective

Half Full

Founded in 2015 by artists Kellie Menendez and Andrea Wicklund, Half Full creates home décor that celebrates unique experiences and environments. We combine a deep love of nature with original illustrations to bring the beauty of the Earth and all its creatures into your home.

Half Full proudly supports efforts to conserve the wildlife and wild environments that inspire many of our designs. We believe we can improve the world by creating beauty and have an unshakeable commitment to protect the future of the living beings we illustrate. 

Meet the Founders 

Kellie MenendezKellie Menendez, Co-Founder and Artist
From the High Desert up to the Bay Area, Kellie's California roots run deep. Already immersed in the arts, Kellie simultaneously developed her business savvy in the flourishing heart of San Francisco, where she continues to thrive with her husband Alex, son Adrian, and dog Chardonnay. Her family has branched farther north into wine country, creating a home away from home amongst golden landscapes and woodland creatures that welcome and impress upon her love for beautiful surroundings. An uninhibited imagination and exquisite artistic hand lend to Kellie's magical ability to transform spaces into sanctuaries.




Andrea WicklundAndrea Wicklund, Co-Founder and Artist 
With an upbringing deep in the woodlands of the Midwest and a background in fine art and illustration, Andrea's connection with nature, imagination, and visual storytelling comes alive in Half Full's patterns and prints. When she's not creating in the studio with her two cats, Maeby and Loli, she can be found with her easel and sketchbook capturing the life and landscapes near her home and in her travels, discovering endless inspiration to bring into your home.