Graduate Collection

Graduate Collection is a homeware and luxury lifestyle company working with some of the most exciting designers to emerge fresh from UK Universities. They produce high quality collections by a new generation of designers, fusing traditional designs with a contemporary flair. All of their products are designed and made in the UK.


Featured Designers: 

Alicia De Costa has always been highly influenced by nature and uses this as the main theme for most of her designs. A key inspiration behind this collection 'Birds In Paradise' came from her fascination of drawing tropical birds. She visited London Zoo to get a real insight into these beautiful birds and their surroundings making additional visits to the Pam House at Kew Gardens to see first hand the wonderful vibrant colours of tropical plants. Each image in the design has been carefully hand drawn with an intense focus on detail before adding a pop of colour to produce a lush debut wallpaper collection. 


Charlotte Cory is an artist with an established studio and gloriously quirky world of her own. She reworks Victorian photographs into her own imagery to create a whole alternative vibrant 19th Century in which the animal kingdom is clearly in charge. Her works are in the Royal Collection, have been shown at the Royal Academy together with installations at the Bronte and John Soane's museums. "Wallpaper is so important in a room, it can instantly change the whole feel of the space and the whole mood of the people in that space. I hope my wallpapers will make people feel happy..."


Since graduating Laura Allen has specialized in digitally printed wallpapers. Heavily influenced by nature Laura often uses this as a starting point for her collections. The main inspiration behind her new collection of wallpapers, Exotic Fusion, comes from a visit to the Bronx Zoo in New York, which was full of exotic and interesting wildlife. Each aspect of the design is carefully painted in watercolor with a focus on detail and then pieced together digitally to create lush and beautiful scenes. The result is a unique and individual wallpaper design combining both traditional and modern techniques that can be used in all interiors to create a stunning focal point. Laura's wallpaper designs have been exhibited at international trade shows including Surtax in New York and Indigo in Paris."


Laura Bohan is inspired by history, nature and all things vintage. Her designs feature hand illustration, collage and layering, and have been displayed at the British Museum, New Designers and the Imago gallery in London. The collection 'Discovering London' was inspired by the surrounding landscape during Laura's time at LCC, consisting of digitally collaged illustrations adding depth whilst allowing the Capitals iconic buildings to shine through.


Laura Hyden has worked as a print designer since graduating producing a number of designs for high profile clients. She has a passion for detailed hand drawing and painting and her work illustrates the organic feeling created by these techniques. Laura enjoys the process as much as the final outcome and feels great joy in seeing her designs come to life as a final product. Her new 'Savannah' wallpaper collection captures the elegant and gentle side of the Cheetah. This imagery paired with a sophisticated colour palette creates a new take on the popular jungle theme.


Melissa Braconnier's designs grow out of her passion for drawing, painting and collage. In her work she creates a world both bizarre and beautiful; a magical narrative where old folk memories meet with personal experiences of travel in the Middle East and are juxtaposed with ballet dancers with deer heads, Victorian photographs, bees, butterflies and pages from the Financial Times. The process often begins with collecting ephemera from past eras, old sepia photographs, tatty material, delving into the attic for anything covered in dust and playing with those bits and bobs to make surreal and often humorous designs. Melissa has a degree in surface design and her debut collection is titled ‘The Curiosities’.


Stefanie Pisani learned and developed the skills of screen-printing, fabric dying, sewing, embroidery and other surface manipulation techniques. Her designs are of an illustrative nature and the watercolor and line drawing create the delicate, whimsical feel. She enjoys creating mood and emotion throughout her work. 'Wild In The Country' is her debut collection and will stir memories of a typical English summers day spent in the country.


Victoria Eggs creates playful contemporary designs for homewares and gifts, which are inspired, designed and made in Britain. Her wallpaper designs are hugely inspired by her surroundings, in particular London where she resides. Her bold one color wallpaper designs are simple, quirky and eye catching and celebrate a love for all things British. Her wallpaper designs are perfectly suited for kitchens, dinning rooms and cloak rooms featuring a classic range of kitchen ware, favorite British foods and iconic London buildings. Victoria is an award winning designer achieving first place in the 'Gift of the Year 2012' awards for 'Made in the UK' and came runner up in the 'Celebrating Britain' category. Her collections of wallpapers are based on designs from her existing collection of home wares."