bunglo by Shay Spaniola

Founded in 2013, bunglo is led by artist and designer Shay Spaniola. Before starting bunglo, Shay’s free spirited-ness and curiosity took her across the globe filling her with cultural touchstones and a diverse color palette. In addition to her travels, her time spent on Anthropologie's visual team seeded her with a deep understanding of retail merchandise and how to best package products for contemporary and eclectic homes. Drawing from these influences, Shay brings a love for creating inviting, peaceful environments in everything she designs at bunglo. 

bunglo is an Austin, TX based design studio + brand focused on eclectic, hand-painted, one-of-a-kind fabric patterns and art inspired by nature, mid-century architecture and adventures. Before bunglo, Shay specialized in sharing artisan stories around the globe through photographs and films. From Africa to Asia, she's dedicated to expanding bunglo's collection by collaboration with global artisans every season.