Beware the Moon

Beware the Moon is made up of father and daughter John and Louise Wakefield. He with 40 years design experience, she with a background in renovation and photography, and both with a history of travel and obscure interests from atomic energy, lucite guitars and microlights, to sharks, perfum-ery and herbal medicine. Once residents of the Pendle Moors (and now printing just down the hill) Beware the Moon is an expression of their creative collaboration and mutual will to produce wallpaper that pushes the industry’s boundaries and catches the imaginative eye - from intriguing motifs to unusual pigments. The brand’s foundations are in time-honored craftsmanship rather than new-fangled fad. The aim is to keep the British wallpaper trade with its feet firmly on the ground...but its head in the clouds.

Everything starts off with a traditional, non-digital approach in the studio with hand-drawings, endless cut-outs, pencils, rubbers, airbrushes and Stanley knives. The designs are then taken to the print-room drawing-board and various specialists are squeezed and pressed until techniques are perfected and delicious wallpaper emerges. 

Underlying everything is an intuitive approach to the environment and local business - it’s a given that our papers are printed in England by master tradesmen using pulp from sustainable European forests - that promises to develop a strong cycle of give-and-take with the Earth through various projects and initiatives as the company grows.