Bethany Travers

Founded and run by British designer Beth Travers, BOBO1325 is a boutique design studio – born by the desire to imagine more than just a motif in order to produce a ‘pretty pattern’ it is about creating an art form.

Surface pattern design encompasses so many design disciplines from graphic illustration, fine art and photography to fashion design. Beth firmly believes in pushing the boundaries and utilizing all these disciplines to create unique designs full of depth and beauty. Her distinctive style calls out to a multitude of clients who believe that the designs they choose are a reflection of themselves, therefore becoming a part of their identity.

All designs are constructed from illustrations, textures, mixed media and photography from Beth’s own sketchbook. The carefully crafted compositions are then transposed into a digital setting and brought to life. They’re vibrant, exciting and tell a story, bringing intrigue and fueling interest with every aspect. They can set the scene or can seamlessly blend into a tale which you are unfolding. Either way they can ensure that you will get noticed.